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raymond liu

Campaign Policies

As the only private citizen running for District 10, Raymond Liu offers a unique perspective that isn’t bogged down in corruption or special interests.

He has pledged to not accept a single penny from any special interest groups and is proud to announce that he is solely funded entirely through small donors who live and reside in District 10.

Campaign Promises

Raymond Liu is running for office for a variety of reasons, but his main ones are as follows: Indexing California’s minimum wage to inflation, and to build affordable housing for the people of District 10.

Inflation this year has been absolutely devastating, having risen 8.3% in the past year. Raymond wishes to peg the minimum wage to inflation so that the most vulnerable members of our community will be protected by the effects of rising inflation.

Raymond is also an ardent YIMBY, who supports the building of affordable housing so that more residents can become homeowners and thus build equity, rather than remain as long term renters.

He is also a fighter for the social and economic rights of undocumented citizens not only in his district; but in California as a whole, having been endorsed by a number of Latino community leaders.